How to transfer ownership of your android application

Suppose you have developed an Android game and publish that on the Google play. Many users downloaded your app, and you have released few versions also. What if a company wants to acquire your app game? You need to transfer your app to the new business account, and it should display as their registered app. Google makes it quicker and easier way to transfer the ownership of application from one account to another account.

  1. First you have to login to the Google play publish account using the original app owner’s credentials.
  2. Then click Help & Feedback -> Contact Support
    Google Play: Contact Support
  3. Select “I would like to have my apps transferred to a new account. Once you select that it asks to fill the form to resolve the issue.
    Google Play: Contact Support
    Google Play: App Transfer Form
  4. Follow the provided guidelines. It contains several checklist to make sure you are ready to submit the transfer request
    Google Play: App Transfer Checklist
    Make sure,
    You’ll need to prepare both developer account tosubmit your app transfer.

    Original Account – This is the account where your app is currently published.
    Target Account – This is the account you want to transfer your app to.

    Google Play: App Transfer Checklist
    Google Play: Checklist step

  5. Finally, Fill the “Application Transfer Request” and submit the form. Normally Google responds to your request within a day, and if all the details are correct they transfer the app to new account
    Google Play: App Transfer Final Step
    Google Play: Application Transfer Request Form

Google Play: Submit Success


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